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Imperial Valley Discovery Zone
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IVDZ - Introduction to Education
This primarily online class focuses on how to teach STEM principles to our elementary students.  We learn how humans learn, how to manage students effectively, how to generate effective questioning, and how to unlock high-level thinking from our youngsters.
IVDZ - Applications in Education
Often called the Master High School Explainer class, this is filled with experienced high school students that do much of the heavy lifting of our program.  They train up other high school students, and together, facilitate our original STEM lessons to our youngsters.  Additionally, they present exhibits such as Outbreak to visiting classes and the public.  Finally, they follow their STEM interests creating interactive exhibits following the Engineering Design Process in our dedicated Makerspace.
IVDZ - High School Explainer
Each year we recruit interested freshmen to seniors at Imperial High School to participate in this unique program.  These High School Explainers (HSE) receive training in our original lessons.  They then facilitate the lessons with our youngsters.  This program is available to anyone who has a calling to improve STEM literacy for our young students.
IVDZ - Community Events
IVDZ recognizes that in order to promote STEM learning in our community, STEM must be available to the community.  We attempt to participate in community events such as the California Midwinter Fair in order to provide this opportunity.  Our High School Explainers facillitate our student-created exhibits for the public to experience.  Included are graphics that pose questions that can be answered by interacting with the exhibit.

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Imperial Valley Discovery Zone
Imperial Unified School District
219 North E Street
Imperial, Ca.  92251

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